Friday, 29 April 2016

Our first ep

We are very excited to release our first ep!

You can find it for free to download here

It will be out on vinyl soon (we hope) via One Brick Today

Monday, 18 April 2016

First gig in ages!!!

Come hang out with us at the Arts Hall in Fern Tree for a free afternoon gig of Tasmanian punk / hardcore / sludge.

All ages // all welcome - April 30th, from 3:30pm to 7:30!

Warm up gig for Ironhawk and Pinchgut before they head to Brisbane forTotal Attack Festival #6 - ASRC Fundraiser 

Ironhawk - heavy motor-crust-punk
Pinchgut - ferocious political hardcore

Ultra Martian - new off kilter hardcore
Roma Antica -
more new Hobart hardcore
Orbweaver - sludgey first gig for ex-Skun Knees

It's an early one so you can get the bus up & back if you want...

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Record release

Plenty to be excited about at the moment. The release of our ep is finally on the horizon for early May and we are over the moon it is going to be on the excellent One Brick Today from Sydney run by TJ from Canine she says - "Brick24: Pinchgut - 7". Political hardcore from Tasmania... my new favourite band. This 7" on constant repeat for 2016. Available at Total Attack in Brisbane, then online / through the band shortly after."

We've started practicing again and writing new songs & incredibly after just over a year Leigh is finally back in the practice room with us - playing with one hand but still as noisy as the rest of us ;)

Lookout for a big Hobart gig hopefully on April 30th.

Thursday, 4 February 2016

Total Attack!!!

We are very excited about playing Total Attack #6 up in Brisbane in May.

We will be playing with a whole slew of excellent bands (including good mates Ironhawk & a couple of great bands we've played with before - Rogernomix and Sick People).

Also we are really hoping our ep will be out soon - it is mixed/ mastered, artwork's done just waiting for last bits to fall into place!

New shirts soon too!

Sunday, 11 October 2015

Girls Radio Offensive comp tape & Grey Places / Skun Knees / Know Nothings / Hellskum

Our first song has been released on the excellent Girls Radio Offensive Compilation Tape Vol. 2!!! 

Pinchgut is really proud to be on this with some of our favorite bands. We'll be selling copies in a week or so in Tassie, so hit us up because you gotta have this. You can also stream it for free here or donate for digital download too.

The comp is a fundraiser for the Mapuche-Aboriginal Struggles for Indigenous Land project. All proceeds will go directly to this project. See for more info.

We also came out of hibernation in September to play with excellent post-punk band Grey Places when they came down from Sydney, as well as locals the Know Nothings (first time we've played with this great garage punk band) and good friends Skun Knees (sadly one of their last gigs) & Hellskum.

Friday, 17 April 2015

Last gig (for some time) - Pinchgut / Skun Knees / Hellsküm / Pure / Axe Giant

So, last gig for a while as one of us is still in hospital and another has babies on the way... but we have managed to "jailbreak" Leigh (with Dr.'s approval) out of hospital for it too so come join us, bring a drink and have fun.

Playing with Pure (Alex from Ruins/ Sea Scouts new band), young crust duo Hellskum and good mates Skun Knees at the Arts Hall (used to be Zoe's School) up in Fern Tree. Also able to play at the last minute the almighty Axe Giant!

It'll be free and starts at 5 - over by around 8ish or so.

We also recorded recently with the wonderful Nic White (who used to be in one of Tassie's finest hardcore bands The Scandal). So that should be up for download soon and hopefully will be out as an ep at some point & our half of a split ep with Skun Knees soon.

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Sick People / Scab Eater / Hellskum - yardshow

We were lucky enough to play with Sick People from Brisbane & Scab Eater from Melbourne. Two great bands who hopefully we'll get chance to play with again in the future. Thanks Hellskum for letting us make noise in your yard...

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Life... but how to live it?

Most people will know Leigh (1 of our guitarists, great fella/ friend/ father) was in a very bad vehicle accident 4 weeks ago now.Thanks for all the messages of support we;ve got in the real world & online we'll pass them on. 
J & Leigh (pic: Molly Kendall)
He is no longer in a critical condition & moved out of ICU (about 2 weeks ago) but is exceptionally lucky to be alive and with a long long journey to recovery. We have been visiting him regularly in hospital. He had another operation yesterday - but is getting a little bit better each time we see him... we are going to play this cracking gig on Friday with the 4 of us (he wants us to).
Probably second to last time to see us for sometime I reckon - great line up too - looking forward to playing with all the bands... come along and raise a glass...

Swine from Sydney | Skunners | Life's Vice

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Parents . Swine . Skun Knees . Pinchgut . March 13th

This is going to be a hell of a gig with Parents from Auckland/ New Zealand and Swine from Sydney as well as good mates Skun Knees.

Also, we had a fantastic time at Festable - respect to the crew who did such an amazing job of organising 40+ bands over 3 days in such a beautiful place. Also, was a really nice chilled atmosphere too - looking forward to next year already!

Tuesday, 11 November 2014


Our first t-shirt design/... subtle, we know...

 In part a nod to the JFA classic. Different decade/ country, same fight...

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

October gigs!

We are playing postergate2014 - with:

This Saturday 25th October / only $5 at the Brisbane Hotel, Hobart - now for the posters...


On Halloween we're also playing the Monsters of the 8th Dimension/ Mini-Fest Freak Out: Festable Benefit - to help raise some cash for the excellent Festable 2014.

Friday 31st October - at the Grand Pooh Bar, Hobart - 11 bands (across both bars) - only $5!
  • Main Room: "Mini Fest Freakout" 
Stone Troll 
Harrison Manton
Babylon Howl
Bansheeland (from Launceston)

  • Kissing Room: "Monsters of the 8th Dimension" 
Sanctify the Serpent (from Burnie)
Carcass of Humanity

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Pinchgut live at the Gaza Benefit - Brisbane Hotel, Hobart 30/8/14

So most of our set here from the Gaza benefit - tune in at 7 mins or so for when things get more fun...

Great gig too - we raised $2,000 for medical supplies - thanks to everyone who came, the 13 bands who played & all who helped organise and of course major thanks to Gibbo, Casey, Zac, Jill and the Brisbane Hotel for helping it all happen.

Recordings and tshirts soon hopefully in the meantime try and track down Skun Knees latest release.

thanks skt stklr!

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Gaza Benefit gig - August 30th 2014

Massive benefit for Gaza we are helping organise with all money going direct to voluntary group in Gaza who distribute medical supplies, clothes, food and water.

Excellent night of varied local music. Running order to be 100% nailed down but in the front bar it should be a bit mellower with:

Peter Charles Macpherson - off-centre indie pop - fbbcamp
Violet Swells - psychedelic indie sunshine - fb / bcamp
Powernap - interplanetary swamp garage - scared of the internet ;)
Wolves of Rain - dark indie folk - fb / bcamp / jjj
Aon Stalp & the Out of Towners - alternative country - fbbcamp
Showground Tonne -  introspective indie - fb / yt

And noisier in the back bar with:

Ironhawk - heavy motor-punk - fb / bcamp
Ruiner & the Threshold Forms - sonic assault - yt
All the Weathers - riot grrrl post punk - fb / bcamp
Irena Xero - synthwave - yt
Lordy Lordy - raucous folk punk - fb
Pinchgut - all out political hardcore - fb / web
Skun Knees - chaotic thrash, please don't be their last Hobart gig!?! - fb / bcamp

Only $10-$20 = pay what you can!


By the way the All Seeing Hand were amazing! Incredible live experience and really nice people too! You have to see them if they come to your town...

Friday, 25 July 2014

The good, the bad and the ugly...

Pinchgut are really happy to be asked to play with The All Seeing Hand (from New Zealand) and local friends and faves All the Weathers and Powernap. Should be a great night of original and intense music.

We are/ were gutted though to have to cancel playing with Machines of Indeterminate Origin. Tim decided to cut himself badly at work instead of having fun. Hopefully we will get the chance to play together soon.

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Machines of Indeterminate Origin / Ruiner & the Threshold Forms - 26th July 2014

Bit of a different lineup we're playing on July 26th - excellent industrial tribal sludge of Machines Of Indeterminate Origin plus Ruiner & the Threshold Forms - this is the sonic assault of Alex (of Ruins / Sea Scouts) and our Leigh (who also used to do a lot of sound work to help create the amazing sonic denseness of that incredible band).

Nice to be playing some mixed bills - $5 in and we'll be on not long after 9pm. More info here

Machines of Indeterminate Origin - bandcamp // webpage // facebook

Friday, 27 June 2014

Exit 117 gig - 6/7/14

Tonight we will be playing the mighty Brisbane Hotel's 7th Birthday Bash - hopefully we will recover in time to play the Exit 117 gig...

After many years running a shop in the CBD selling rare and obscure salvaged goods from the landfill Resource Work Cooperative have had to close this store and consolidate up at the new tipshop. As a last farewell a heap of great bands with tipshop workers, volunteers and regular shoppers are going to play a gig at the empty shop before it is cleaned up and keys handed over.

Sunday 6th July, all ages, BYO and gold coin donation on the door. 2pm we will open the doors - with first band on at 2:30/ running order to be decided .

Friday, 20 June 2014

Secret Sunday gig

Playing with great motorpunk mates Ironhawk, Melbourne hardcore band Substance Abuse and local young anarcho metal punks Carcass of Humanity as people recover from the night's before at Up the Punx fest or Dark Mofo or Tommy Gun Records new shop opening. 

Too much to choose from this weekend... more info here

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Brisbane Hotel's 7th Birthday Bash! - June 28th

Pinchgut are honoured to play the almight Brisbane Hotel's 7th Birthday Bash! - along with BarbarionCraicpot, The Infants, Pines, White Summer & Speakeasies

There's a theme based on classic '70s gang film The Warriors - who should we go as?

Poster by the very talented Josh Pringle

The Wizar'd did not play but Dracula did ;)

Friday, 23 May 2014

Upcoming gig excitement...

Four gigs coming up...

June 22nd - Under the Bridge gig w/ Substance Abuse (from Melbourne), Ironhawk & Carcass Of Humanity

June 28th - Brisbane Hotel birthday bash (bands tba but should be fun & messy)

July 6th - Exit Collectables gig (tbc) all ages Sunday Matinee Resource Tip Shop benefit - with Skun Knees & hopefully Lordy Lordy + Danger Trails - as well as hopefully some more bands too

July 26th - with M.0.1.0 - Machines Of Indeterminate Origin (excellent tribal sludge) at Brisbane Hotel

Join us to rage against the government and injustice (or get drunk and fallover talking inanely or drink fruit juice and pogo)

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

DOA - gig 2014

Our next gig is with Canadian punk legends DOA. Absolutely love their first album Something Better Change and if you can find their Peel Session (released as Don't Turn Yer Back On Desperate Times) it is amazing.

We will also be playing with Ironhawk - who are also excellent. Should be a great night.

Sunday, 6 April 2014

RVIVR - Rat Palace gig - 10th April 2014

RVIVR from Olympia, Washington State/ USA played their second (unannounced) Hobart gig. They were phenomenal...

And we were lucky enough to be asked to play too

Also, our first time playing with local band Adventurers - who play mathy-emo-surfy-progressive punk... they were great as well.

An excellent night with really good atmosphere. Exciting times.

It happened at the Rat Palace (corner of Elizabeth St & Brisbane St) on Wednesday 10th April 2014.

p.s. have a look at the original Rat's Castle.

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Rogernomix gig

Our first gig. It was an excellent night at the Brisbane Hotel, Hobart on 14/3/14.

Rogernomix travelled over from Wellington, New Zealand to play a blinding set of superfast d-beat hardcore.

We also got to play with superb local bands - motorcrust Ironhawk and chaotic skate thrash Skun Knees, as well as debut gig for young metallic punks Carcass of Humanity.